Who is Tina Laws?

Tina Laws is a passionate relationship coach helping you achieve your desired relationship.


In over half a decade of coaching, she has helped women and couples establish their worth, own their position and experience better relationships in life and love.

What you should know

When Tina started her coaching practice in 2016, she was focused on helping domestic violence abuse survivors find healing and stability. Two years later, she had an epiphany and began coaching women on how to get the best relationships of their lives.


She is now leading women and couples to be in more fulfilling relationships. For many, fulfillment doesn’t come until after they have experienced a relationship setback. From friendship to love interest, Tina believes better relationships lead to a better life.


You have to know your position in order to shift. You have to know who you are to find the right position. Once you know who you are, every relationship in your life shifts.

When Tina met her husband, she wasn’t who she is today. She learned to own her position the hard way. After years of handing over her position to another, she had to make the decision that enough was enough. She had to take back her life. Since making that decision, Tina has lived a fulfilled life as a woman, wife, mother, and loved one to many.

Through sharing her lessons and expertise, Tina incorporates her years of experience as a criminal justice professional, domestic violence advocate, and facilitator and for one and a half years, an educational therapist assisting children in an alternative behavioral program. Tina currently serves as the executive director for Bermuda’s Women’s Resource Centre. 

Tina knows all too well what it means to reposition yourself and move towards your truest desires. It was watching her daughter give birth to her grandchild in 2018 that helped her realize she wanted to help others experience more joy in their lives.

Even as a coach, she is constantly growing, realizing, “it’s always the challenging times that make us pivot.”

Tina is clear to express she is not a matchmaker. Instead, she has designed a program specific to your needs. Her ‘Own It’ program helps you to first establish a healthy relationship with yourself – because that is where it all starts. Your best relationship should always be with yourself.

“If you’re in a relationship or seeking to secure your desired partner, you need to know your place and own it. Every day is an opportunity to pivot into that person you’ve always wanted to be. Sometimes the steps are small. Sometimes you have to take steps back to move forward – either way, we have the ability to be everything we want to be.”

Tina believes strongly in telling your own story and demanding your own reality.

Her work has afforded her the opportunity to travel the world, creating and facilitating one on one consultations, domestic violence workshops, discussions, and support groups to help people make better decisions and choose better relationships.


“If you're in a relationship, you need to know your place and own your position"

It was during my first long-term relationship that I believed love was enough to make a relationship work. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was abusive and unhealthy. It was during that relationship I learned love wasn’t enough; and that I hadn’t a clue what love and relationship was all about.

August 2000 - I did, now what?

In August of 2000, I became the wife to my amazing husband, Shawn. We were only 18 months into the marriage, and I was already contemplating a divorce. Why wasn’t he understanding my feelings? Why couldn’t he read my mind? Why did I spend countless hours with an attitude? I’ll tell you why, because my expectation of marriage was to be happy, independent, and in love. To be honest, I didn’t know how to express myself without sounding angry and disgusted. It was clear that I had carried old baggage into a new relationship. It was apparent that I was expecting my relationship to work, without putting in the work. Almost immediately, I sought individual support. Yup, I acquired a therapist.

God certainly had other plans for us. From that moment on, we worked as a team to create a desirable relationship, starting with a respectful friendship.

“Seeing what caused the breakdown in my relationship has shown me what it takes to make them work. I now work with individuals and couples to show them how to exist in a relationship built on a solid foundation.”

How did I get here?

“Seeing what caused the breakdown in my relationship has shown me what it takes to make them work."

Courthouse or my dream?

Years after preparing court documents, standing before magistrates and court officials, and supervising the offending population, I made the decision to walk away from a 24hr criminal justice career, and focus solely on coaching women. Although I enjoyed learning from and working with the offending population, staff and other service providers, I was ready to reposition myself.

Without effort, restrictions, and a packed courtroom, I was now ready to help other women own their position in relationships; and get the best relationship for their life.


By now, I’m sure you’re wondering who is Tina Laws on paper, right?

Tina T. Laws obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Hons) degree from the University of Central Florida. She completed her graduate studies through Walden University where she completed her Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Amongst her certifications, Tina is a relationship coach, domestic violence advocate and facilitator. Before plunging into her career as a full-time Relationship Coach, Tina gained culturally diverse experience while working and volunteering in therapeutic environments in the United States and Bermuda.

Tina believes, like her, all women should own their position in the relationship. A partnership is more powerful than a sinking ship.

Did you also know….

Tina was born and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda, where she and her husband Shawn share two adult children, Mark and Shauntia, and their precious grandson, Arai. Family and healthy relationships are extremely important to Tina. Tina spends her time attending church (praising God, always) travelling, boxing events, kickboxing for her own fitness goals, eating exotic plant-based foods. interior design, and reading and writing. She is currently mastering a perfect headstand and talking slower. Also, in February 2016, Tina founded Under Konstruction, a privately owned supportive service for women victims of domestic violence. In 2020, she became a talk show host of her very own show, ” Relationship theory.” Also, in 2021, she became the executive director of Bermuda’s Women’s Resource Centre.

Tina credits her education, professional, social, and personal experiences in the United States, United Kingdom, and Bermuda for these ventures.

2020 It’s time to RESET…

After years of working with clients in both healthy and unhealthy relationships, Tina positioned herself as an expert in her field using research, education, social, professional, and personal experience. Thankfully, in 2018 she was blessed to work with Europe’s pioneer of coaching, Fiona Harold aka “Queen Bee of Coaching” to create a master coaching program. To work with someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching, writing, and creating programs has been pivotal in creating the RESET Your Relationship System AND How Not To Divorce In 2020. To date, Tina has coached over 500 clients


2021 COVID-19 and Coaching

Transitioning to a virtual business was one of the best decisions ever. Tina positioned herself to meet with clients via online platforms, beaches and parks.


For the first time in her coaching career, Tina was being hired by man to save their relationships. Tina is excited about adding couples to her list of services.


Thanks to the world of social media, Tina found herself serving clients from various parts of the world.

However, on May 1st, Tina made another shift. She decided to answer a lifelong call and take on a new position as the executive director for the Women’s Resource Centre in Bermuda.


Tina had finally seen one of her many prayers come to fruition; actually, fifteen years later.  Although a new role, it feels like home.


Tina continues to coach current and new clients. However, she is working endlessly to provide her ‘Own It’ program as a self-paced webinar. Like many, this year Tina has lost loved ones, gained new experiences and friends and has learned so much more about herself and her amazing clients. Tina is looking forward to serving old and new clients in 2022.

2022 – Are You Ready to REPOSITION YOURSELF

Tina is excited about helping women and couples to reposition themselves after experiencing a relationship setback AND introducing her ‘Own It’ program. This 5 Step program to owning your position will be just what the doctor ordered.


The Journey

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